Broome Supply Base

The Broome Supply Base was initially established by MMA in 2000. In October 2006, MMA formed a joint venture with Toll Holdings (managed by Toll Energy) to develop and manage an expanded Broome Supply Base under the banner Toll Mermaid Logistics Broome Pty Ltd (TMLB). Starting from a small base, the Broome Supply Base has grown significantly in recent times and is strategically placed to service exploration, future production and construction activities in the Browse Basin, with a view to potential LNG developments, the long term prospects in this area are very exciting.

During this rapid growth period, the Broome Supply Base has maintained an exemplary safety record, recently celebrating 13 1/2 years 'lost time injury free' from February 2000 until October 2013. TMLB’s safety practices are a key component of their daily operations and receive considerable time and resourcing. To date, the Broome Supply Base has supported major exploration programs by leading oil and gas explorers including Apache Energy Limited, ConocoPhillips Pty Ltd, BHP Billiton Petroleum, Santos Ltd, Shell Development Australia, Woodside Energy Ltd, JAPEX, IB Resources and Murphy Oil.

Supply Base facilities include four yards; a dedicated 30,000m2 casing yard with 65 casing racks, a wash down bay and casing bundling area; 3,200m2 of undercover storage and a 8,000m2 sealed laydown area at the Port; the main supply base consisting of a new 680m2 administration building, dangerous good storage facility (500m2), five 500m2 storage sheds and seven client offices; plus a brand new 46,000m2 purpose built supply base.

We offer a range of services and facilities support for offshore exploration, drilling and production, including:

  • BroomeLong term, short term, open lay down storage
  • Undercover storage
  • Fully or partially serviced long term office facilities
  • Labour supply
  • Equipment hire
  • Linehaul to and from Broome/local cartage within Broome
  • Handling of dangerous and specialist cargos
  • Waste management
  • Dangerous goods storage facility
  • Undercover wash down bay facility
  • Offshore container hire
  • Cranes

The Broome Supply Base is managed by Brian Philp, whose background as one of Australia's most experienced drilling managers is invaluable in supporting our clients' requirements. Should you wish to further discuss our capabilities in Broome, please select our 'Contact' link for additional details.