Ocean Bottom Cable Laying & TZ Project


Project Overview

MMA has been operating in partnership with Geokinetics since 2008 to successfully execute a number of shallow water Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) laying projects and Transition Zone (TZ) seismic data acquisitions.

The fleet consists of three vessels, one for laying and retrieval of the cable, another as the source vessel for seismic data collection and the third as the recording and processing vessel for the data.

The OBC fleet commenced operations in Australia for Apache and has since remobilised to West Africa to conduct complex survey work for Sonongol in Angola and Eni in Gabon.

Following the successful completion of the Sonogol and Eni contracts, the fleet sailed to West PNG to undertake survey and seismic work for BP Indonesia. The operations received such positive feedback that BP awarded the OBC fleet a further contract based out of Mexico, where they are currently operating.

MMA also supports Geokinetics' TZ operations in Egypt with a state of the art accommodation vessel, specifically modified for the task.

Geokinetics, is the 2nd largest provider of seismic acquisition services in the World, and MMA's alliance with the company represents an exciting development of our global capability.

Project Snapshot

Project NameOBC Laying & TZ Project
LocationGlobal operations
Project DurationOngoing since 2008
Scope of WorkCoordination of international OBC & TZ fleet, including operation of a cable laying vessel, an accommodation vessel and a gun boat.
Vessels UtilisedMermaid Discovery
Mermaid Vigilance
Miclyn Glory

Achievements and Results

The MMA/Geokinetics OBC fleet has been conducting worldwide OBC laying and TZ data acquisition operations since 2008. During that time MMA’s highly experienced crews have built a global capability for conducting this type of work successfully and safely in challenging environments. The fleet continues to operate without any LTI's.

By managing the fleet via our international entity, MMA Offshore Asia, we are able to provide our clients with the flexibility to operate cost effectively in either Australian waters or internationally, pending their requirements.

MMA has also been able adjust the OBC fleet with a mixture of owned and chartered vessels which we have modified specifically to optimise capability for our clients' needs.

MMA and Geokinetics continue to execute these complex seismic and survey operations successfully and to the highest safety standards, delivering project outcomes that exceed our clients' expectations.