Gorgon / Jansz Pipelay Support

Allseas Construction Contractors

In 2012, the PSV MMA Leveque was contracted by Allseas to perform supply and transportation of pipe, subsea structures, fuel, water and general supplies from the Dampier Supply Base to vessels working on the Gorgon and Jansz fields. In addition to general supply, the Leveque also carried out transportation of 11 buckle initiators between the fabrication site in Henderson and the fields. The Leveque supported the pipelay vessels Lorelay, Solitaire and Calamity Jane and support vessel Highland Navigator. MMA later replaced the Leveque with the Mermaid Inscription – a newbuild PSV. This provided the project with a vessel capable of significant pipe carrying capacity on a 1000m2 deck area.

MMA Leveque  Mermaid Inscription