Angel Gas & Condensate Project

McDermott Industries

Project Overview

As primary marine supplier in relation to the transportation and installation of the Angel Jacket and DB30 Pipelay operations, MMA was able to provide an integrated service offering that ensured the safe and successful completion of the work scope on time and on budget.

MMA's operations involved numerous international barge tows to transport the jacket and piles from their fabrication yards to the offshore construction site, as well as the launch upend and set down of the Angel jacket.

MMA then went on to conduct multiple pipehauls from Batam to Dampier and supported the subsequent DB30 Pipeline installation project.

MMA's dedicated project fleet comprised of 5 vessels, 3 from our own core fleet and another 2 sourced from the market to fulfill specific client requirements.

This included the provision of primary tow vessels, anchor handling vessels, infield support vessels, crew transfer vessels and HRV support vessels.

MMA is in the unique position of being able to offer its clients in the North West Shelf the full gamut of marine logistics services from vessel support and Supply Base services, to ship repair and maintenance facilities. As such, MMA also provided McDermotts with a full range of Supply Base and Slipway services out of its Dampier Supply Base, offering a complete solution based on the integration of marine and land based assets.

Project Snapshot

Project Name Angel Gas & Condensate Project
Project OperatorWoodside
Project LocationNorth West Shelf, Australia
MMA's ClientMcDermott Industries
Scope of WorkTransportation of materials from Indonesia to NWS, installation of Jacket and support of DB30 Pipelay operations.
Duration of Work11 months (Oct '07 – Sept '08)
Vessels UtilisedMermaid Supporter, tow & AHT support Mermaid Guardian, pipehaul Mermaid Commando, in field assist Ena Jade, primary towing vessel Petra Pioneer, primary supply vessel



Achievements and Results

MMA's ability to manage the land-sea interface throughout our lengthy contribution to the offshore construction phase of the Angel Project was possible due the combination of our extensive marine and land based assets in the North West Shelf.

The Angel pipelay installation was repeatedly disrupted by cyclones and inclement weather. MMA's robust management systems, effective communications and good management of the worksite were all successfully combined to meet the challenges posed.

In addition to the dedicated project fleet, MMA also provided McDermott’s access to our spot market fleet, allowing us to rapidly mobilise vessel services in response to the fluid client requirements typical of large construction projects. As the dedicated fleet fluctuated between 5 and 9 vessels throughout the duration of the Project, MMA's responsive project management style and extensive experience project managing large operations involving numerous vessels became imperative to the success of the project.