Indigenous Employment

MMA’s STRIDE program aims to provide Indigenous participants with the skills required for employment in the marine logistics industry. 

MMA recognises that Indigenous Australians are statistically amongst the most disadvantaged groups in Australia. This includes in relation to employment. To ensure continuous effort on this issue, MMA has introduced an Indigenous Employment Policy to improve labour market participation by Indigenous Australians and promote cultural awareness amongst its employees. Central to the policy is achieving positive outcomes for individuals and their families in terms of social and economic engagement.

Underpinning the policy is MMA’s commitment to reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and the provision of equal employment opportunities within a diverse workplace. Specifically, the policy’s objectives are for MMA to:

  • Increase the participation rate and employment outcomes of Indigenous Australians across all levels at MMA to at least reflect participation levels in society;
  • Be an employer of choice for Indigenous Australians within Western Australia;
  • Develop leading strategies and contribute to the national agenda in Indigenous employment and engagement;
  • Create a work environment that is free from discrimination, promotes an understanding of Indigenous culture, and is culturally respectful and inclusive; and
  • Build and develop a positive working relationship with the community and relevant stakeholders about improving employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians.